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    Send us some details such as which grade your child is in and your contact details



    Try out the new games, capture the experience in video and send it to us.


    Your child's feedback helps us build a better game for all kids.


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  • About the Game

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    Join Logik on an epic journey to save the Mathemagician. Create power ups from nimbles, multiply the minions, and save the Number lands!


    In this game, kids will learn how to visually understand multiplication and division, use different methods to solve multiplication problems, and eventually develop a strong number sense when it comes to doing arithmetic problems involving multiplication and division.

  • FAQ

    Why Playtest?

    • Get Early access to the multiplication game we are building for kids. This game will help your child with understanding basic concepts of multiplication, build strong number sense and avoid the need for rote-learning.
    • Your child's feedback at this early stage in development, will help improve the game. Let your child be a part of the creative process by helping us build an amazing Math game. 
    • In addition to getting early access, you will get full access to the award winning Monster Math program, which will include this new game, along with other goodies depending on the playtesting details. 

    How does playtesting help?

    As we design our games to be really useful and fun for kids, we need constant testing to ensure that our assumptions are correct - that kids love the game play mechanics, the story we are building, as well as understanding the concepts explained in the game. The more kids that playtest our game, the more it helps us understand how the game interactions work, what are the frustration points, and what we can do to further improve it.


    In addition, feedback from kids go a long way in helping us build a game that is really fun for them.

    What do I need to be able to participate?

    You need an iOS device - iPad or an iPhone - iOS 10 and above. You should be willing to let your child play the game, and record the process on another device, so we can see the interaction, as well as your child's expressions - this allows us to see what brings joy to them, what parts might be frustrating, where the interactions don't work as the child expects them to. And then you need to send this video to us.

    What do you do with this video?

    Playtesting videos are strictly used for internal product development purposes only to identify opportunities for improvement in the games. These videos are not shared with any third party, nor are they used for any marketing purposes without your explicit content.