• The Monster Math Program


    What is the Monster Math Program?


    It’s a Maths Program for Sr.Kg to Grade 5 Students, aimed to ensure that students develop the fundamental skills of Maths.


    The program uses combination of award winning apps (Google Play Best of 2016) and Playbooks to teach and help students practice the essential building blocks of Maths.


    With Monster Math, your Child will become extremely good at Number Sense, and develop required flexibility with Numbers.


    Monster Math is being used by more than 3 million users worldwide.





    What is the Curriculum covered?



    State Boards, ICSE, CBSE in India, Common Core in US. Check the full curriculum for more details.




    Why is Number Sense Important?



    There is research backing the fact that the main reasons a lot of kids struggle at higher level maths such as Algebra is because they have not developed sense of numbers. A lot of the standard curriculum and even math programs stress on making kids calculate faster rather than develop flexibility with numbers. With Monster Math program, we work on the fundamental aspect of building number sense and fluidity with numbers.



    How exactly does this program work?



    Once you buy our subscription, you will get access to all our apps. You will then start receiving weekly content, that will work on one particular maths skill.
    So your Child will use the apps and learn and practice maths and also do fun activities like puzzles, coloring, drawing etc to keep practicing maths.


    See the sample play-books here.



    How long does my Child have to use the apps or practice the play-books?



    10 - 15 minutes a day.