• Who are we?

    We are makkajai - we make learning fun.

    "Makkajai" means "I want" in Konkani. It's what a child says when they really want something - a toy, a sweet, or even a hug. "Makka candy jai" (I want candy), or "Makkajai te khelni" (I want that toy).


    We want our products to be so compelling, that kids don't feel forced into using them, like when they are forced to do homework, or even schoolwork. We want kids to say "I want" - we want them to choose, and pick our products with no coercion. Because when kids buy into the process, they learn way faster than when they are fighting the learning process.


    We can't change kids - we don't want to change them. However, we can change the quality of learning content we put in front of them - and that's what we do. Once we're done, you won't need text books or black boards.

  • Team Makkajai

    Roopesh Shenoy

    CEO & Co-Founder

    Works hard, parties harder. Also writes code.

    Deep Shah

    CTO & Co-Founder

    Writes Code. Most of our stuff works because of this guy.


    Growth Hacker

    He helps our products reach places.


    QA Engineer

    Cool under pressure


    Software Developer

    Developer? LOL....


    Sr. QA Engineer

    A vegetarian, who hunts bugs!


    Talent Spotter

    Loves creating edible art. Complete dog person!


    Software Developer

    When I'm not developing, this is how I roll.


    CIA (Chief Idea Ambassador)

    An educator who's into all things creative. Thinks like a kid and designs for one.


    Kindergarten Philosopher

    Who knows???!


    Developer a.k.a Expert Biryani Eater!


    Office Assistant

    Director of office supplies and beverage distribution.


    Head Housekeeper

    Ensures the office sparkles and shines, and always with a smile!