• All India Math Challenge

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    The All India Math Challenge - powered by Amazon STEM - is the FIRST AND LARGEST Mobile Stem Challenge conducted in India


    It will be conducted within Monster Math - selected by Google as the “Best Indie Game” of 2016. Monster Math is hands down the best app for practising over 65 arithmetic skills and has been named “Simply the Best Math App” by PCAdvisorUK for 2 years consecutively!


    This is not your typical maths competition or exam – where kids are supposed to be closeted inside an exam hall and solve questions under stress. Makkajai is conducting the Math Madness Challenge to instill a fun, engaging and effective way of learning for kids and to use this way to make kids fall in love with maths.

    This means you are welcome to:

    1. Use any reference materials

    2. Guide your children if they are sitting besides you and don’t know the answer to a particular question

    3. Participate in the All India Math Challenge for any amount of time that your child wishes! If your child wants to participate for 1 hr every day, great! If he or she want to participate for only 30 mins in a week, even that is great! Remember, it is all about letting your child challenge himself / herself and fall in love with Maths!

    4. We want your child to fall in love with Maths at the end of the Challenge, and walk away happy with Maths and become much more confident in Maths – way more than what he/she was before the Challenge!


    The All India Math Madness Challenge (“Challenge”) will be held within the free version of the Monster Math App – which is available on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.


    However, registrations will be confirmed on this website!


  • Prizes

    Rs 1.5 Lakhs of prizes to be won

    There are attractive prizes on offer – but let that not be the sole aim of participating in this Challenge! Remember – it is about you, kid! – and this Challenge should be one of the many steps that you use to Challenge yourself and aim higher! Of course, we would love it if you win – but that is a by-product of rigorous practice and participation, and not necessarily an end in itself!


    The Challenge has prizes up to Rs. 1.5 Lakhs* (Terms and Conditions Apply) with the overall Challenge Winners in each Grade winning a Cash Scholarship of up to Rs. 10,000

    The exact list of prizes will be communicated on this page by January 31, 2017!


  • Eligibility

    This Challenge is for kids studying in Senior KG through Std. V (both inclusive). Each standard will have its own Challenge within the App and will have its own fairness to ensure fairness.

    Any student studying in a school in India and in the standards mentioned above, will be eligible to participate in this Challenge.


    February 18 - February 26, 2017 (both dates inclusive)


    Your child can choose to participate on all the days of the Challenge or he/she may participate on any of the days during which the Challenge is live.


    The Challenge will have daily winners as well as overall winners - so even if your Child participates for a single day, he/she is in the running for the prizes!


    Registration Fees

    Rs. 225 - inclusive of all taxes

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